Spotlight on Youth

Written by: Madison Ziliak

During Sunday the youth learn so many interesting stories from the Bible in Sunday school and in Youth Group in the evening. I have learned so much just by being in youth. Morgan helps me understand the Bible stories. And I have made more friends.

This Saturday we are participating in our annual “Adam vs. Eve” event, which is a competition between the girls and the boys, and it is an all-day event.

The youth do so many things for the community.  In the summer we participate in a Mission Week where we help the community in many ways, and we help out members of the church. I think this is very meaningful to me. Everyone has a positive attitude about helping, and it makes me feel good that I get to help someone who needs help. The youth also go on retreats at Camp Lighthouse.

I want the congregation to know that the youth love this church! We do so many things and want to help Midway in a positive manner.

Our youth are amazing in so many ways. I want to give a great thanks to Morgan and our volunteers including Mr. Matt White and Ms. Amy Lummus as they help in so many ways to be there for the youth.

Youth at Midway
6th grade to 12th grade
9:45: Sunday School
6:00-7:30: Youth Group

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Contact Morgan Cox

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