Thank You to all of our Midway Family Promise Volunteers

Family Promise News

Kim and her two teenage children, who graduated 14 months ago from the Family Promise program, have qualified for a new Habitat for Humanity home!

The "First Nail Ceremony" will be celebrated this Saturday, the 12th, which is the official confirmation of their new home, with construction estimated to be completed in May. Kim and her children will contribute some of the labor needed for the construction. We are SO proud of her accomplishments, and she will always be so very thankful for Family Promise. It changed her life in so many positive ways.
Secondly, Autumn and her son Chase are graduating this month, with the celebration also being held this Saturday, the 12th. Autumn has worked the FP program to its fullest and praises God for leading her and her son to this program and will always be deeply grateful.
With this great news for the families, we would like to send a Heart filled THANK YOU to all of our Midway Family Promise volunteers!

Without you, this Church Mission would not be possible. You have enabled these families to live in family normality and independence. But most importantly, the families have learned that nothing is impossible with God at their side, leading and guiding.
Remember, it takes "all of us cogs to keep the big wheel turning". GREAT JOB, MIDWAY UMC!

Violet & Al Leikam  Midway FP Coordinators
Jenna Hand FP Team Member
Debby & Webb Edwards FP Team Members

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