I did not come to be served but to serve

- Matthew 20:28

Mission is fundamental to who we are as Christians. Jesus taught us that to love God is to love our neighbor; that neighbor may be in our community, in our area of the country, or halfway around the world.  At Midway, we seek to make an impact on the world around us by utilizing the unique gifts he gave to each of us. We're thrilled that some of our ongoing mission partners are finding creative ways to operate safely in the midst of COVID-19. 

Family Promise

     Four times a year, Midway UMC hosts families from Forsyth County who are working to get back on their feet and achieve financial independence. For one week, we feed them breakfast and dinner daily with friendly fellowship, and provide a comfortable place to sleep at night before they set off for school and work the next day.
     During this time of quarantine, however, families in the program will reside at a private home donated for this organization to use, which they have been doing since March.  We will still provide continental breakfasts and evening meals for them during our host week, but meals will be prepared by our volunteers and delivered to the house where the families are residing.  Volunteers are welcome to deliver the evening meal in person to the house or Midway's program coordinators will meet volunteers to transport the meal on their behalf, if needed.
     We will also provide overnight hosts for each night during our host week. The host house has completely furnished living quarters in the garden level basement that are used strictly for overnight volunteers.  The families do not have access to this area; it is completely dedicated for our volunteers. Midway's program coordinators will launder the overnight hosts' linens, and clean and disinfect this living area daily. 
     Many volunteers are needed to help in the hosting of these families. We ask only that volunteers attend a one-time orientation so that they can best understand and serve the unique needs of these families.

Meals By Grace

This non-profit organization operates its home-delivery food program out of Midway UMC every single Sunday of the year. More than 70 food-insecure families with children in Forsyth County are provided with enough food to last a week. During COVID-19, extensive logistical plans were enacted to help ensure safety of our volunteers and those we serve, even as the number of families served skyrocketed.